F8 in HIV-Associated Excess Abdominal Fat

Theratechnologies completed the evaluation and development of a new formulation of tesamorelin, referred to as the F8 Formulation. Based on internal studies, the F8 Formulation is bioequivalent to the original formulation of tesamorelin, or F1 Formulation, commercialized as EGRIFTA®. The F1 Formulation is no longer available in the United States where it has been replaced by EGRIFTA SV®. The F8 Formulation has a number of advantages over the current formulation of EGRIFTA SV®. Specifically, it is two times more concentrated resulting in a smaller volume of administration and is intended to be presented in a multi-dose vial that can be reconstituted once per week. Similar to the current formulation of EGRIFTA SV®, the F8 Formulation is stable at room temperature, even once reconstituted.

In parallel, Theratechnologies is currently working on the development of a multi-dose pen injector to be used with the F8 Formulation.