Would you like to make a difference for patients and healthcare professionals?

Theratechnologies is continually seeking people who share our passion for addressing unmet medical needs through innovation.

Our treatments are cutting-edge. Our team is driven. Our employees are motivated to go above and beyond. Our work environment is dynamic and respectful. Our perks and benefits are enticing.

To join us on this exciting journey that brings new hope to patients, please submit your resume.

We welcome applications for both current openings listed below and any future opportunities.

Embracing Differences

Theratechnologies understands and values the uniqueness of each individual and recognizes the importance of diversity in the workplace. We nurture an empowering environment that makes each person feel safe, appreciated and respected.

Our team members originate from all over the world: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Our ethnocultural, racial and age diversity makes our teams stronger and brings innovative ideas and new perspectives to the table. 

We are committed to providing our employees with equitable treatment and acknowledging each person’s distinct nature and experience. This is achieved by:



Instilling a sense of belonging and pride


Ensuring that every person is heard and respected


Maintaining a supportive leadership style to help each team member thrive