Oncology Scientific Papers

Expression of the sortilin receptor (SORT1) in healthy and tumor tissues
Guylaine Roy, Pratik Kadekar, Lynn Marie Douglas, Jean-Christophe Currie, Jess Dhillon, Gregory Cesarone, Richard Siderits, Karen Kirchner, Michel Demeule, and Christian Marsolais
The peptide-drug conjugate TH1902 inhibits growth of subcutaneous melanoma xenografts and formation of lung metastases in a syngeneic mouse model
Michel Demeule, Jean-Christophe Currie, Cyndia Charfi, Alain Larocque, Alain Zgheib, Sophie Kozelko, Richard Béliveau, Christian Marsolais, Borhane Annabi.
TH1902, a SORT1 docetaxel peptide-drug conjugate, inhibits tumor growth of human cancer stem-like cells (CD133+) from both triple-negative breast cancers and ovarian cancers
Christian Marsolais, Cyndia Charfi, Michel Demeule, Jean-Christophe Currie, Alain Zgheib, Alain Larocque, Richard Béliveau, Borhane Annabi
Anti-cancer efficacy of TH1902, a SORT1 docetaxel peptide-drug conjugate, against ovarian and endometrial cancers xenografts alone or in combination with carboplatin”
Christian Marsolais, Michel Demeule, Cyndia Charfi, Jean-Christophe Currie, Alain Larocque, Alain Zgheib, Richard Béliveau, Borhane Annabi.
Achieving virological control in pan-resistant HIV-1 infection: A case series
Diana Canetti, Camilla Muccini, Vincenzo Spagnuolo, Laura Galli, Andrea Poli, Nicola Gianotti, Marcello Feasi, and Antonella Castagna,
The Lancet Vol 77 Month March, 2022 11