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EGRIFTA SV® (tesamorelin for injection)

EGRIFTA SV® (tesamorelin for injection) is only approved in the United States for the reduction of excess abdominal fat in people with HIV who have lipodystrophy.

Lipodystrophy affects the redistribution of fat that includes the accumulation and loss of fat in certain parts of the human body. The excess fat accumulating in the abdomen due to lipodystrophy is called visceral fat. Often, visceral fat is mistaken for subcutaneous fat. Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat lies deeper in the abdomen area. It is harder and firmer than subcutaneous fat which is soft and squishy. Visceral fat can be difficult to control with diet and exercise alone.

Visceral fat exerts pressure on the internal organs. The consequences of lipodystrophy are therefore numerous and serious.

It is estimated that more than 70,000 people living with HIV in the United States also have lipodystrophy.

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