About Us

Theratechnologies was founded in 1993 and currently employs more than 100 people in Canada, the United States and Europe. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Theratechnologies commercializes two medicines in HIV and has research programs in HIV, NASH and Oncology.

Our History

A strong background in HIV:

Scientists at Theratechnologies discovered EGRIFTA® (tesamorelin for injection) in 1995. For the next fifteen years, Theratechnologies pursued the development of this innovative treatment for lipodystrophy in people living with HIV. In 2010, Theratechnologies received a marketing authorization for EGRIFTA® from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

EGRIFTA® was first marketed in the U.S. by a third-party commercial partner. In 2014, Theratechnologies reoriented its business model to become a commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company and regained U.S. commercial rights.

In 2016, the Company concluded an agreement to acquire the commercial rights to Trogarzo® in the U.S, and other markets. Trogarzo® was approved by the FDA in 2018 and was quickly adopted by physicians to treat people living with a persistent HIV viral load.

On October 3, 2022, the FDA approved an IV push method of administration of Trogarzo®. The Company is also investigating administration by intramuscular injection.

For full prescribing information and safety information on our products please visit: www.trogarzo.com www.egriftasv.com

Discovering new pathways in oncology:

Theratechnologies is leveraging its SORT1+ Technology™ to develop a new class of therapy that targets sortilin (SORT1)-positive cancers by linking anticancer drugs to proprietary peptides that specifically bind to the sortilin receptor. TH1902, the leading product candidate derived from the SORT1+ Technology, is a first-in-class peptide-drug conjugate (PDC) that targets the sortilin receptor. In 2021, the FDA granted a Fast-Track Designation to TH1902 for developmentas a single agent for the treatment of patients with sortilin-positive recurrent advanced solid tumors that are refractory to standard therapy.

Promising research in NASH:

Theratechnologies is pursuing the development of tesamorelin for the treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis - or NASH - in the general population. The Company continues to have discussions with potential partners with resources and capabilities for the conduct of a Phase 2b/3 study.


To provide hope to healthcare practitioners and patients by developing and commercializing cutting-edge treatments that address unmet medical needs.


To be a biopharmaceutical company which successfully brings to market exceptional innovations.