Publications scientifiques sur le VIH

Virologic effectiveness of ibalizumab clinical trial experience compared to real-world clinical care without ibalizumab in the OPERA® Cohort
Laurence Brunet, Michele L. Jonsson Funk, R Brandon Cash, Jennifer S. Fusco, Lydia Walder, Andrew Laws, Michael Wohlfeiler, Michael Sension, Gregory P. Fusco
Achieving virological control in pan-resistant HIV-1 infection: A case series
Diana Canetti, Camilla Muccini, Vincenzo Spagnuolo, Laura Galli, Andrea Poli, Nicola Gianotti, Marcello Feasi, and Antonella Castagna,
Vol 77 Month March, 2022 11
IV Push Administration of Ibalizumab: Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Efficacy
Edwin DeJesus, Gary Richmond, Mezgebe Berhe, Anthony Mills, Tanya Schreibman, Charlotte-Paige Rolle, Kuei-Ling Kuo, Mohammed Zogheib, Olivia G. Goss, R. Brandon Cash, YingAn Lai, Martin Markowitz, Pedro M. Mesquita 
HIV-1 Non-Group M Phenotypic Susceptibility to Ibalizumab
L. Poisson-Arnaud, Quentin le Hingrat, JC Plantier and E Alessandri-Gradt
Efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and safety over 48 weeks with ibalizumab-based therapy in treatment-experienced adults infected with HIV-1: a phase 2a study.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr.
Gathe JC, Hardwicke RL, Garcia F, et al.