Dr. Éric A. Cohen – Advisor

Éric Cohen, Ph.D. is head of the Laboratory of Human Retrovirology at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute (IRCM) and Professor of Virology at the Université de Montréal.  He is also Lead Investigator of the Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise, CanCURE, a multidisciplinary research consortium dedicated to the study of long-lived HIV reservoirs and the development of effective therapeutic strategies towards an HIV remission. He serves on the Steering Committee of the Canadian HIV Trials Network and Scientific Advisory Committee of the Quebec AIDS Network. Dr. Cohen is a member of the editorial board of Retrovirology and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.


Dr. Cohen has been involved in HIV research for the last three decades. His current work focuses on defining HIV-host interactions regulating viral replication, transmission and persistence, and on developing new therapeutic strategies to target persistent HIV reservoirs.